Entertainment for Dining

Dayren Santamaria live When people are eating and conversing, they appreciate music that lends atmosphere and sets a mood.Instrumental music often works well in this situation. A violin's clear voice-like tone can evoke a well-known melody without words that might intefere with the conversations of your patrons.

Dayren is able to hit the "sweet spot" that falls halfway between humdrum and distracting. Patrons who prefer to enjoy their own company won't be overwhelmed by loudness or vocals, while patrons who appreciate talented performance won't be bored.

Flexibility and Customization

Dayren will work with your owner or manager to decide what sort of format is best for your establishment. Solo acoustic violin is appropriate for intimiate settings. A violin/piano or violin/acoustic guitar duo is generally suitable for medium-sized rooms. Larger establishments may find an electric trio (violin/keyboard/bass) or even a four-piece ensemble is suited to the space.

Please contact Dayren to determine the ideal arrangement for your situation.