Violin Lessons

Dayren Santamaria with Students Dayren has experience teaching lessons at many different age and skill levels. This includes individual one-on-one lessons as well as group and classroom settings. Her instruction is seasoned with years of experience as a professional musician. She is able to work comfortably with students ranging from young children to adolesents and young adults.

Dayren is bilingual in both English and Spanish. As a parent herself, she has a patient and nurturing style that makes students comfortable around her. However, her keen ear and professional experience allow her to give accurate guidance that helps students develop at their own pace. Empathy with students helps her deliver feedback in a way that is informative without being demoralizing.

At a fundamental level, Dayren has a passion for music that is contageous. Students respond to this and learn to appreciate the joy that playing music can bring, which has a beneficial effect on their development.

Dayren Santamaria with Students

Music Instruction

She can provide general music instruction including scales and chords, rhythm and time, staff notation, pitch and intonation, and basic harmonic theory. She can also help in other areas. While not a trained instructor for other instruments, she sometimes provides instruction including advice and pointers for musical development for instrumentalists and singers.

Dayren is currently available for part-time or full-time employment as an instructor or faculty member. She is also available for individual or group instruction in specific situations. Please contact Dayren if you feel that she can bring something to you or your organization.